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A national effort to educate and protect America's businesses from identity theft

Business Identity Theft - Education, Prevention & Assistance

Learn the risks & how to protect your company from business identity theft



Business identity theft victim

Business Identity Theft Education

Think identity theft only hits individuals?
Think again...

Thieves are targeting businesses like yours for quick and easy profit, with devastating consequences. It is a serious risk and you need to know the facts before your business becomes the next victim.

Most popular in Business ID Theft Education:

Business identity theft rewards What is Business Identity Theft?
The new epidemic of identity crimes targets businesses and organizations. Learn what business identity theft is (and what it is not), and 8 key reasons why thieves are targeting businesses like yours.

Business identity theft scams Business Identity Theft Schemes
How do thieves steal a business identity? Learn the tricks and tactics that thieves use to target your business.

Stolen business EIN used for tax fraud and tax identity theft Stolen Business EIN Numbers used in Tax Fraud Schemes
Learn how criminals are using stolen business EIN numbers to report fake wages and withholding in tax fraud and tax identity theft schemes.

Business owner risks Personal Business ID Theft Risks for Business Owners
As a business owner or officer, business identity theft poses increased risks that can turn your business dream into a personal nightmare.

Business identity thief Business Identity Theft Education Center
Learn about business identity theft, how thieves work, and how to protect yourself and your company.


Business Identity Theft ProtectionBusiness identity theft protection

Learn how to protect your business & yourself

Business identity thieves and cyber criminals are cunning and determined, and can quickly take advantage of business owners that do not take basic precautions to protect their business or themselves.

Most popular in Business ID Theft Protection:

Business identity theft prevention Business Identity Theft Prevention Guide
Critical things you need to do to protect your business and yourself from identity thieves

Online business registration Protect Your Business Records and Filings
Don't let business identity thieves change your business registration records and steal your business.
Business credit report Protect Your Business Credit
Business credit reports can be manipulated or falsified, and used as part of a business ID theft scheme to impersonate your business
Personal credit protection Protect Your Personal Credit
7 critical tools to protect your personal credit


Business identity theft victim guide


Business Identity Theft Victim Assistance

Know what to do if you are a victim

Find information, resources, and assistance to help you report & recover if you are a victim of business identity theft

Most popular in Business ID Theft Victim Assistance:

Business ID Theft Victim Guide Business Identity Theft Victim Guide
Immediate actions to take if you are a victim of business identity theft

State Business Identity Theft Resources State and Local Business Identity Theft Resources
Review your business filings and find business ID theft information, assistance, and resources for your state or territory

Federal Government Resources Federal Government Agencies and Resources
U.S. Federal Government agencies, report forms, and resources for identity theft and business identity theft victims

Identity Theft Forms and Reports Identity Theft and Fraud Guides and Report Forms
Identity theft affidavits, fraud reporting forms, guides, videos, and other helpful resources



Additional Resources

News, information, and resources to help you stay informed and reduce your risks

Most popular in Resources:

Identity Theft News Business Identity Theft News Stories and Alerts
The latest business identity theft articles, recent news, and alerts

Professional resources Professional Assistance
Find professional assistance, employee training, personal and business services, and other solutions

White papers White Papers and Special Reports
White papers, research findings, and other special identity theft and fraud reports

ITPA Online Training Center Employee Training
The ITPA offers information and training on privacy, identity theft, information security risks, and related regulatory compliance, including free online training portals for businesses to manage and deliver employee training.


Learn the risks of business identity theft and how to protect: 
  •  Your business
  •  Your reputation
  •  Your accounts
  •  Your credit
  •  Your assets
  •  Your computers
  •  Your customers
  •  Your employees

Businesses are being actively targeted by identity thieves and cyber criminals
Business identity theft Like consumers, businesses also have identities that can be stolen. Business identity theft can have devastating consequences for you and your business.

"What is particularly disturbing about this trend is the significant dollar amounts involved. It's not unusual for the losses to be in the mid-six figures by the time the criminal activity is detected, and it’s a lot more lucrative than stealing individual identities.”

Robert Strezze
Sr. Risk Analyst
Dun & Bradstreet

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