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Additional Resources | Fraud Forms Reports & Guides

Additional Forms & Resources

Identity theft forms, fraud reports, guides, videos, & other helpful resources

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The report forms, affidavits, and other resources below will help you protect yourself and aid in reporting and resolving identity theft and fraud. Click the tabs to view and navigate between categories.

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Personal Identity Theft Forms, Affidavits, & Guides

>>  FTC Identity Theft Affidavit
        Used for reporting new accounts that have been fraudulently opened in your name.

>>  FTC Identity Theft Affidavit  (Spanish version)
        Declaración Jurada de Robo de Identidad

>>  FTC Guide: Take Charge - Fighting Back Against Identity Theft
        Basic personal protection and recovery information for consumers from the Federal Trade Commission

Also see:

The State Resources section for additional information and identity theft resources in your state or territory

The Federal Resources section for additional information about U.S. federal government agencies and resources to assist you


Tax Identity Theft / Tax Fraud Report Form

If you are a victim of tax-related identity theft, such as having someone else fraudulently file a tax return in your name and claim your tax refund, you are not alone. During the 2011 tax processing year, the IRS reported that roughly 940,000 tax returns were fraudulently filed, and expects to exceed 1 million cases this year. The IRS National Taxpayer Advocate reports that tax-related identity theft has increased 650% since 2008.

The Internal Revenue Service is responsible for administering and enforcing federal tax laws. The IRS also investigates issues relating to tax fraud in a victim’s name, including fraudulent reporting of employment and earnings and fraudulent tax returns.

The forms below are used to report tax identity theft to the IRS:

>>  IRS Form 14039 - Identity Theft Affidavit
        Submit this form if you are an actual or potential victim of tax identity theft and want the IRS to flag your account for questionable activity
        (such as fraudulent tax returns, multiple tax returns or reporting, or to prevent another from using your information to obtain your tax refunds).

>>  IRS Form 14039 - Identity Theft Affidavit  (Spanish version)
        Departamento del Tesoro – Servicio de Impuestos Internos. Formulario 14039 - Declaración Jurada sobre el Robo de Identidad

>>  IRS Consumer ID Theft Tip Sheet  (In both English and Spanish):

Also see:

The IRS listing in the Federal Resources section provides additional information, taxpayer assistance telephone numbers and websites, and mailing addresses.


Free Annual Credit Report Request Form

If you prefer to request your free annual credit reports by mail, you must use the credit reporting agencies' Annual Credit Report Request forms to mail your requests.

Also see:  The Free Annual Credit Report article for important information and additional free credit report request options.

Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion Credit Reports:
Download the Annual Credit Report Request Form from:

Print and mail the completed form, along with photocopies of the documents required to verify your identity, to:

Annual Credit Report Request Service
P.O. Box 105281
Atlanta, Georgia

Innovis Credit Reports:
You can obtain the Innovis Credit Report Request Form from:

Complete the form online and then print and mail the completed form, along with photocopies of the documents required to verify your identity, to:

Attention: Consumer Assistance
P.O. Box 1689
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Check Fraud Report Forms & Guides

Helpful guides and forms to report check fraud

>>  Federal Reserve: Check Fraud 
        Federal Reserve guide for recognizing and preventing check fraud

>>  DPPS Check Forgery Affidavit
        Used to report an incident of check forgery to DPPS / SCAN check verification companies 

>>  DPPS Checking Account Fraud Report
        Used to report a fraudulent checking account that has been opened in your name to DPPS / SCAN check verification companies




Informational Videos

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U.S. Federal Trade Commission - "Deter. Detect. Defend:  Avoid ID Theft"
Personal identity theft protection information

OnGuard Online - "Wireless Security"
Safeguard your wireless computer network

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